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How Your Driveway Can Sell Your Home

Calling all home sellers!

If you are currently putting your house on the market, you will be naturally looking at any method that can boost its value and make it more attractive to buyers.

However much you spend on the inside of the home, you should never forget that your prospective buyers first impressions of it come way before they even get inside your home. In fact, they are probably made as soon as they clap eyes on it, from the street.

When you think about it, the very first thing that they see of your house is actually the path or the driveway leading up to it – or, in some cases, the lack of one!

No matter how perfect you have got the inside of your house, it is of limited use if the prospective owners have made their mind up about your home before they even get near it.

One thing that any Realtor or asphalt paving company in New York City knows is that if the front of the property has been recently coated, then it really helps to boost the home’s selling potential.

So, we would urge you to take a long hard look at the front of your home and consider the state of it.

Do you even have a driveway? You may not do.

But if you have the space for one, you really should consider if you are looking to get one installed.

And if you already do have a driveway, or a parking space, but it hasn’t been adequately maintained, now is the time to have those potholes filled and the paved area renewed and seal coated.


There is now more choice than ever when it comes to the surfacing options for your driveway or paved area.

Choose between stamped concrete or pavers for your outdoor spaces.

These come in a range of colors, shapes and textures these days and have their own set of pros and cons.

For a simple, yet hardwearing job, we would recommend an asphalt driveway, which should be adequately seal coated.

Asphalting is efficient, tidy and can last for up to thirty years, if treated correctly.

Of course, the front of your home is not the only paving consideration, and neither is the driveway.


If you have a patio – or any outdoor paved space that can be used for socializing, it will increase the attractiveness of your home to potential buyers.

This is because it is effectively another room that can be used in the summer.

The more creative you are with your patio, the more attractive it can become, but it all starts with a well laid patio!


Depending on exactly what it is that you want doing, it may be possible for you to do the job yourself.

If you have decided on laying pavers, you may attempt this yourself – especially if the job is small. If all you need to do is replace an existing paving slab, this should be an easy enough job to complete.

Likewise, if the only job is cleaning up and possibly repairing one or two very small micro cracks in an asphalt driveway, you may be able to attempt this yourself.

But if the job is bigger, or involves laying a whole new asphalt driveway, then we would recommend leaving it to the professionals and enlisting the aid of a driveway paving contractor in NYC.


Providing a parking space is one thing guaranteed to help sell your home and increase its value.

The only thing better than having the space to park a car – or cars -on your property is having a flash executive sports car parked up on the driveway already!