About Us

Town Of Kent provides highway contractors, asphalt companies, public officials and other paving professionals with all the latest information in the industry.

We feature all the most up to date news and information in the business of asphalting and paving.

With in depth sections on the engineering and science, as well as interviews with industry leaders, we keep all our readers in the know about what is new in the world of asphalt.

Our readers are spread across the industry professionals, but also include homeowners and the interested general reader.

We also provide maintenance tips and DIY guides for our domestic readers, to help them understand the process of asphalting a driveway and give them the skills they need to do the best job possible on their own projects.

Every month our publication features an in depth case study, where we look at a development project and its approaches to asphalting and paving.

Sustainability is an issue which concerns us all and one that our publication takes very seriously. We focus in detail on ways of making our projects and cities as sustainable and environmentally friendly as it is possible to be.

Equipment is another area which we feature prominently in our magazine. We road test the latest machinery and equipment in the industry and help advise project managers and business owners of the best tools and machinery, for the job.

We speak to the manufacturers, designers and engineers, who offer us their insight into getting the best from the machines and equipment in the business and publish a monthly ‘how to’ fact file with tips on usage.

With a round up of all the latest innovations in the industry and a whole page dedicated to legal and safety issues, we keep our readers in the loop when it comes to the essential issues of the business.

Readers feedback is always welcomed and can be submitted via the contact form below!