Careers In Asphalting



  • Liaising with the project manager to regularly review all projects undertaken by the company.
  • Liaising with the quarry operator about the materials needed for the days work. Also, keep them up to date with the loading times and other schedules.
  • Communicating with the grading team what equipment will be needed for the day ahead. You will also distribute the daily schedule of works for the entire team.
  • To keep the site safe at all times, for all crew and visitors. This will include keeping all the signs displayed and ensuring that workers and visitors are not at risk of large vehicles reversing etc.
  • To hold team safety meetings and brief team members on the current health and safety legislation.
  • To help facilitate team members training and education and ensure adequate compliance with all health and safety laws.
  • Checking the specifications of the job and the order of work for each day. Checking the base material depth, the perimeters of the paving and inspecting the depth and density of the material.
  • Communicate with the project manager with regard to any problems with drainage on the site.
  • Keep the channels of communication open with all the main players, including the engineers, owners, clients and inspectors.
  • To also be a point of contact to government officials and contractors and all other contacts involved in the project.
  • Deal with all the paperwork and documents connected with the project. To bring up any problems with the project manager.
  • To manage all the invoices and material tickets of the job.
  • To keep an eye on all the drainage issues on the site.
  • To carry out any density checks as necessary.
  • To manage all the trucks on the site. Signing out all the trucks that leave the site and ensuring that they are going to the right places and taking the correct materials.
  • Checking the volumes of material that have been ordered for the job needed. Ensure that they are adequate for the job in hand and to arrange the return of any excess.
  • In charge of crew discipline and liaising with HR with regards to workplace issues.
  • Ensure all equipment is up to scratch and well maintained.
  • Ensure the high standards of work continuously.


  • Excellent driving record and relevant license.
  • Three years experience in a similar role.
  • Highly motivated, hard working and capable of good level of communications.
  • Technical know how and ability to undertake small repairs to machinery and equipment.

To apply, contact Stephan citing reference 335.